VERDI et compagnie live at the Museum !

images-1 Verdi’s String Quartet is a remarkable work; his only piece of chamber music,  composed in the spring of 1873 during an imposed hiatus in the production of his opera ‘Aida’. It will be the central work on the next program of the Quatuor Saint-Germain, in the two inaugural concerts of the 2009-2010 season in residence at the Musée régional de Rimouski. The concert also features two contrasting chamber music gems; Crisantemi of Giacomo Puccini,(poignant, heartbreaking) and the Italian Serenade of Hugo Wolf (sprightly, unravelling…bordering on chromatic dementia at certain moments…). Rounding out the program is the lesser known quartet of Nino Rota – somewhere between a film score and a serenade, it’s an easy listen, with a few very pleasant surprises…

The theme of the concert, L’Italia: Opulence et amour, is meant to draw allusion to the possible connections of this musique to the luxurious and sensual exhibit of  photo-artist Elianne Excoffier. Each night, the concert itself (8 pm) is preceded at 7:30 by an introduction to the work of the artist by museum curator Bernard Lamarche in the room of the exhibit. As well, the concert is followed by a moment that the public can revisit the exhibition…with sounds still resonating in head and heart…

We love the potential for this kind of mix – one medium necessarily being influenced and influencing the other…and want to recognize the openness of the museum to this project ! We’re convinced that there are only winners in this collaboration – the friends of the quartet, the friends of the museum, and obviously the quartet and museum as well…!

Hope to see you there !

L’Italia: Opulence et amour Quatuor Saint-Germain en concert au Musée régional de Rimouski                                                                12, 13 novembre 20h                     présentation du curateur  19h30



Watch out for…

our Télé-Québec vidéo clip presenting our collaboration with the Musée régional de Rimouski – will air in the first week of November across the country on the Télé-Québec stations…filmed in front of the mysterious, provocative,  and lovely works of Eliane Excoffier…to be experienced.

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